Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alganon launch pushed back a month

Update on the Alganon front.

“After taking time to process player feedback, work with our strategic partners, and present options to our investment team, we have decided to move the release date for Alganon from October 31st to December 1st...”
- source

No doubt the extra time is sorely needed, and I certainly hope that this enables them to do a good cleanup of the UI and hammer down some bugs and glitches. I still fear far too much of the design is unimaginative and derivative though, and that won't be fixed in a month.


  1. Thats weird.. I thought they had planned to release in December all along? Guess they hoped to release earlier but oviously couldnt.

  2. Nope, it was scheduled for October 31 when I joined the beta. Pretty much universal agreement amongst beta testers that it needed more work than that, though, so everyone was pretty happy with this announcement.

  3. Maybe they didn't expect players to notice the plagiarism =P