Sunday, November 29, 2009

Marchomir the Undying

Well, I said my LOTRO Warden was getting close to the tricky "Undying" title..

..made it, no problems.

This thread on the LOTRO forums was helpful, although I didn't follow all the advice there. In particular, I did a lot of lower level quests, simply because I was questing through The Shire for the first time (my other two characters are a dwarf and a man), and wanted to enjoy all the content. Doing quests below your level is obviously quite a safe way to level, but also slow, and for many people, the Undying attempt goes wrong not due to trying to do something difficult, but simply bad luck like a network dropout or game crash while in combat. So the slower you level, the more risk there is of that happening.

But yeah, I just ground it out, solo'd all the group quests in The Shire (although outlevelling them when I did), went to Bree-land at about level 17, and popped out quests there until I hit 20. Oh, and I had top-quality crafted weapons all the way due to my Champion being a weaponsmith, upgrading to a new crit crafted weapon every two levels. So my damage output was pretty high. That went a long way towards reducing the risk of multi-enemy fights.


  1. Did you tested Aion?. Its pretty, movements are very nice, but in a focused pvp game i´ve feel too much grind needed.

    I was all time money ruined, really hard to solo play, and got bored. Did you have some opinion about Aion?.

    Very interesting blog, by the way, graatzs by the Undying title, i tryed it in WoW !. Thanks.