Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alganon to go free-to-play, it seems

So Alganon finally launched, to a reaction of pretty much universal apathy. I've glanced at some news and discussions every now and then, my vague interest mostly due to the fact that my impressions of the beta were the most popular thing I've ever written. Anyway, things haven't looked good - unconfirmed forum reports have claimed that there were less than 100 people online during prime time, even straight after launch, and even the few enthusiasts I've seen on forums seem to have mostly abandoned the game.

But now, news emerges that they are planning to adopt "a new subscription-free pricing model." And, according to the usual Alganon rules of quality control, this news has emerged not through an official announcement, or interview, or anything like that, but a post regarding some arcane changes to the addon API made by one of their programmers.
As you have probably already seen elsewhere on the site, The new subscription-free pricing model that Alganon is adopting introduces the concept of Tribute. This is what part of the new API for the last patch includes.
Upon the realization that this info was not meant to be announced yet, he added:
please be patient and wait until the information that this post refers to is made available before jumping to too many conclusions about it's meaning. I'm sure that said information will be released soon™


  1. I don't think going f2p will help Alganon any. A bad game doesn't suddenly get better because it changes from a paid subscription to a f2p model, unless you completely revamp your game like Turbine did with DDO.

  2. Yeah I'm honestly not sure where they think this is going to take them. I'm also not sure how they're going to deal with the people that have already paid upfront for 12-month subscriptions - give them a wad of cash shop "tribute" money, I guess. They better get that right, because I wouldn't be surprised if that group makes up most of the current player base.

  3. Well their advertising has been very very slow if anything non-existant. We'll see what happens on march 1st, but try less than 20 players across both serves at peak times...