Monday, August 15, 2011

Irony of the day

In my post about Diablo 3's RMT auction house, I said "Just now I googled for 'Diablo 2 items' and straight away found many results, the top sponsored link selling various items for prices ranging from a buck or so to a staggering $100+ for some items!"

Today I noticed that Google AdSense was serving up ads for that very website on my blog, obviously I triggered keywords with phrases like "Diablo 2 items" and "buying stuff".

Anyway, I have added them to my AdSense filter list, so they shouldn't be back. While I'm very curious to see how things work out in Diablo 3, I don't endorse real-money trading in violation of a game's T&Cs, so I don't want ads to Diablo 2 itemsellers on my blog. They can join the long list of WoW goldsellers and powerlevellers that I've had to block.

1 comment:

  1. The ads I'm seeing seem fine (2 games and a web hosting service).

    Btw expect to have to block illicit D3 item sellers. Just because it's legalised doesn't mean there won't be illicit sites offering gold etc cheaper.